Saturday, April 27, 2013

i am...

watching the boats go by, under the still grey sky, from the comfort of the old flowered couch in my favorite house on the planet

feeling Peanut's little kicks inside my belly and hoping everything is going the right way in there

uncertain about what the next school year will bring, between a possible grade level change and starting the year either about to pop pregnant or with a long term sub and with a new math curriculum and higher expectations to implement RISC

glad that my partner teacher is 100% committed to being my partner teacher again next year, so that at least that part I can count on

bewildered by the fact that Peanut has been growing in my belly for 24 weeks, and other than the school drama, it has been just about the happiest 24 weeks of my life that I can ever remember

planning to spend almost all day in my pjs, on this couch, with sweet hubby nearby, and maybe do a little housework somewhere in between the lounging (there is so much pollen on the porch of this palace, and so much mildew on the porch furniture, that no one in their right mind would sit out there)

might run around in a bathing suit if the sun decides to come out and play

will continue to wish sweet hubby was ready to paint the baby's room, already, so that I can start decorating it

missing saturday morning yoga with Annie, and next week too, but hopeful that my mama made it there this morning

re-reading The Forgotten Garden, which I thoroughly enjoyed that last time I visited this magical house of lazing and relaxing and just being

curious about whether i will finish the baby blanket i started for Peanut last weekend when I was cleaning out my stash of yarn and found some soft, soft, soft yellow, pink, and white bought several years ago, when babies were additions to my friends' families and not my own


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  1. How exciting to be 24 weeks along, you are over halfway! :)