Sunday, September 30, 2012

this weekend

I did things my way, in the middle of a group trip.

It felt good.

Like I'm a grown up.

I know, it's ridiculous....but at 31 I finally feel like it is ok for me to say, "I'm too tired for this activity; I'm going to bed."

And no one complained.

I mean, I get up at 5:30 every morning. It's not unreasonable for me to be tired and ready to sleep around 9:00.

I wanted to skip the fire? I skipped it.

I wanted to skip the silly games? i skipped them.

I wanted to skip the ball game? I skipped it.

There was too much other fun to be had.

Like, naptime fun. Or sitting in the sun, fun. Or swimming in the lake fun. Or running the trail around the lake fun. Or adventures finding walmart fun.

It was a great trip. Lots of fun spent hanging out with the college students. Lots of fun singing praises to God. Lots of fun eating and eating and eating. Lots of fun talking about what it means to be an outsider, and how we are called to this life of being different.

Lots of fun, lots of love, lots of great time connecting with each other.

And of course, it was wonderful to be away from home.

(Now, the kitty cat is purring at me, though, which I miss when we're away!)

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