Friday, September 7, 2012

five minute friday

The word of the week at The Gypsy Mama is "Graceful".

She stands, poised, a half smile on her face. She can't believe that so many people have come, so many people have told her the things she already knew.

She shakes hands, embraces, offers to explain the pictures at the front of the room.

"He told me the world needs more artists."

"The smartest person I know always wanted to emulate him."

"He was so giving."

"Chicken is famous at the office."

She recounts the story of the last day, of him mouthing to her that she is a beautiful person, her telling him the same, blowing kisses to each other to the very end. She tears up briefly, but continues speaking.

She is unsure whether heaven exists, where souls go when the body fails.

She is disbelieving that he will not be there any more, will not request her used ink cartridges, will not ask her each time he sees her if she is ok financially, will not hold court at the dinner table this holiday.

Yet she greets each guest with her best, poised, smiling the best she can, graceful in this moment of closure.

Graceful, like the dancer she is.

In memory of Bill MacGregor, and in loving honor of his sweet daughter and my traveling buddy.


  1. What a beautiful post on graceful. The words you write your father are so honoring to him. I was drawn in from your first words. Such a caring man and how rare in this day to have a father like yours.

    Blessings and love,

    1. Thank you for the sentiment, but it is not my father. He was the father of a very dear friend of mine.