Tuesday, May 1, 2012

i am...

praying for sweet hubby as he completes an exam....it's almost (almost almost almost) the end of his semester and he's a little nervous about passing this class. He's in the exam RIGHT NOW if you want to offer a prayer, or if you aren't reading this on Tuesday evening, pray for his professor to be merciful and kind when grading.

eating peanut butter m&ms. yum.

excited about the new camera and tripod that are in my classroom, thanks to donors choose!

hoping we can save enough spending money for Chile, since sweet hubby didn't get as many hours at work as he was hoping for this month.

counting down -- 23 more days of school before summer, and 3 of them half days!

anticipating lots and lots of sweat as i attempt 7 miles running later tonight....it's only about 90 degrees outside.

skipping a church dinner. Spring is too busy to keep up with everything.

a little overwhelmed by the crazy school scheduling stuff going on -- so many tests! so many celebrations! so little time to actually finish teaching the standards we are supposed to finish teaching before our students move on to the next grade level!

wishing that sweet hubby will go to the grocery store before he comes home, since I hate to grocery shop and hate to be out of milk.

happy to be reading Mary Oliver's Why I Wake Early, especially the title poem. It reminds me of a Psalm. I think I might make it pretty and frame it in my house.

what about you?

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