Monday, May 7, 2012

frustrating day

Before an hour of school had passed, one of the assistant principals had come in to my classroom to follow up on a situation that started Friday afternoon with a student and the students' parent.

He chose to follow up in English in my classroom while I was teaching.


Another teacher on my hallway is pregnant.

I am not.

She announced it today.

I was not prepared.

I do think I managed to say congratulations, and not cry.

That is a small victory.

And there were others in the room to ask the usual questions about due dates, and such.


My (afternoon) students are dishonest and disrespectful.

I'm over it.

19 days left with this bunch.

My team-teacher and I are counting down together.


The principal of my school played a video that had been put together for a board meeting during lunch for the students, while we teachers ate outside for our last duty-free lunch of the year.

She said she was just showing the student portions of the video.

I heard my voice, speaking in English, when I walked back into the building.

I took an extra few moments in the bathroom to calm back down before walking into the cafeteria to claim my students.

We tiptoe around the hallways, whisper with parents, send kids out of the room to have adult conversations in English.

I never, never, never speak with my students in English, and do my best not to let them hear me speak in English.

It's an essential part of any immersion language program.

My principal, the one who has insisted and supported us all along in the endeavor of not letting our kids hear us speak English, played the video that ruined the illusion.


It's been a frustrating day.

I'm hoping that the moon will be less full and less close to the earth tomorrow, and that state testing will go better than expected.


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