Sunday, October 30, 2011

I am...

snuggled with the kitty in sweet hubby's chair, listening to the motor run.

thinking about what to wear to church this morning, since it actually feels like fall outside.

happy we won the game last night, but mostly because sweet hubby and my mama are happy.

dreaming up decorating schemes for my bedroom, which I'll probably paint over Christmas break.

wishing I had a ton of money to buy pretty curtains like these but thinking I'll end up sewing some (easier and cheaper) curtains instead.

marveling at the peachy-pink insides of the shells we found in grandma's boathouse last weekend, so incredibly shiny and smooth, strong yet delicate.

not really looking forward to re-organizing the pantry this afternoon.

hoping sweet hubby will keep his word anf clean out his side of the closet today.

looking forward to Sunday dinner.

preparing myself mentally to see grandma's "E.T." hand (she was taking Plavix and banged her hand....).

thankful that sweet hubby helped me take a bunch of random things to me classroom yesterday, including the sole surviving pepper plant from my birthday, which currently has 13 baby peppers growing on it (it's convenient that we are getting ready to study plant adaptations!) and basil plants that have been living in ziplock bags for a more than a month.

excited about trying to make 15 minute piñatas at school on Wednesday (with 6 successive groups of kids!), but haven't quite figured out all the details (we'll be using empty kleenex boxes, newspaper, glue sticks, candy, and zip ties....the real question in how to get the zip ties through the boxes, wrapped in newspaper, in order to quickly change the piñatas after they are busted open? Because the plan is to have lots of little piñatas with a zip-tie loop to be able to quickly hook on and off the next piñata. Lots of little piñatas means more kids can make them and break them. Any ideas? I'm thinking about asking my mama for an ice-pick to poke holes....Or pre-zip-tying them, and having the newspaper wrapping exclude the hanger-side....)

thrilled to be directing a wedding next weekend for a girl I knew when she was seven.

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