Friday, August 20, 2010

week from hell, perhaps?

I don't know how I've made it to Friday night, but here I am, wishing I was already asleep, but thinking that I can hold on a little longer.

The girls and I had movie night on Saturday, to honor Kayla's visit before moving to Duke, and turned out the lights around 2am. Up on Sunday morning at 8:30, dropping off hubby's car for a friend to borrow by 9, showered and dressed for church a little later, then lunch with the family, followed closely by parent and student orientation at school.

After orientation, a detail-oriented trip to wal-mart (in over an hour I only found 3 things off my list) and then on to university church for dinner. Followed by an unannounced meeting during which one of my movie night girls was outed, and emotional, and many other friends also upset. All return to my house, since that's where we can all be comfy and such while we recover and whine.

Up early the next morning, preparing my classroom all day, number-photo hunting for an hour or so, then pizza and wal-mart for the university church. The photos didn't manage to get printed while I was there. Home around 9-ish for trash TV and in bed at 10. 10:15 bad news phone call.

Remember how the day before I had dropped off hubby's car for a friend to borrow? It got stolen. Please keep in mind that there were 15 minutes between the time I got in bed and the time the phone rang. And P.S. The car doesn't technically belong to hubby in the first place. I called the real owner, who fortunately acted like he was still awake, and looked up important info for me, such as the VIN, and then I headed out to the scene of the crime, houseguests in tow. After I managed to convince the policeman that the sketchy brazilian really was someone I knew and trusted, he emailed me the police report. Back in bed, lights out at 12:30. Up again at 6:30. After waking up every half hour. Great.

Back to school, for the last workday before students come. I'm tired and grumpy and wishing that the car hadn't been stolen and wondering why me? And just when I think someone is calling from the insurance company, I get a call from the dentist's office. Can I come in at 4? Sure. Why not. This is my week, obviously. I rushed from school to the dentist, from the dentist to a meeting at church, and from the meeting at church to a university church meeting. Where I promptly made the meeting leader change the meeting schedule so that I could go home. In bed, finally, at 9:15.

Wednesday is the first day of school. My kids are talkative, but not horrible. I'm exhausted. The car is recovered, and my mom (Thanks mom!) picks it up, minus a few things, like a radio and turn signal. I chat for a bit and am too late and too tired to go to yoga. In bed more or less on schedule for school.

Thursday. Kids are getting a little more out of hand. How many times will an impulsive kid throw a desk across the room in one day? Hard to keep track. Please pinch me and lie to me and convince me that I love my job. Stayed after preparing stuff for the next day, but not really sure that it's worth much. Leave to cook dinner for friend and complain about how long this stupid week has felt. Again, in bed more or less (ok, less) on schedule.

Friday. Wanted to strangle a kid at school. Probably not a healthy thought for the third day of school. The lack of respect is absolutely amazing. This group has a track record of being tougher with younger teachers. I'm not all that young, but younger than my partner teacher. Totally exhausted from unexpected problems, like the computers in the computer lab all being off when we arrived, and students being SUPER LOUD all the time. ALL the time. No really, ALL the time. They have no filter. No off switch. I feel sorry for the good kids in the group -- they get such a bad rep from the 3-5 in each group who think that kicking each other and throwing desks around is funny. Stayed after school to plan for Monday, but just wanted to be at home on the couch, and not at school. I needed to leave, and didn't really care whether I'd have to make the drive on Saturday. Hopefully I'll be more efficient if I am well rested, instead of tired from trying to show patience while being firm all day.

And now? Now I have been vegging on the couch for four hours. I read a whole novel this evening.

Oh, and to top it off? Hubby is out of town, and has been for the whole of this week. He missed the entire ordeal. Heard about it by phone, skype, and email. I love that man, but I would really like a vacation sometime soon.

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