Friday, June 25, 2010

Lista para terminar

I am ready to be finished with taking classes to add early childhood certification. It is such a process to be able to find a class that I think will count, submit it for evaluation, have it rejected, find another, submit it with an angry letter, track down syllabi, pay registration fees and application fees to universities I will only take one course from, ever, and then to finally take the courses and find them less useful and hardly applicable...It is very frustrating.

Right now I am 1.5 classes away from my certification, but this last class is very elusive. The ever-so-unhelpful description provided by the SC Dept. of Ed. reads
"Methods and Materials, 3 hrs". Great. The courses I have found with a similar title, like, "Instructional mat. in elem. school" somehow just don't match up -- it is really frustrating. I just want to be finished with this whole process, already. I want to be able to focus on teaching, not on whether or not I can find rhyming texts in English on the kindergarten level that I can make up literacy workstations for -- that I will NEVER use, because I teach third grade and teach in Spanish. Relevant? Not so much. Interesting? Ok. Maybe. Time suck? Definitely.

A pesar de todo, me gusta estar en la sala, aprendiendo. Me gustan más los temas de cómo ayudar a los que no tienen una historia buena de educación en su familia, los que tienen dificultades para leer y sobrevivir todo que es el sistema de educación pública. Mientras es difícil mantener interés en temas como identificar exactamente cuantos errores tiene un niño al leer en voz alta y que tipo de errores son, veo que para los que enseñan lectura puede ser relevante e interesante. Simplemente, me interesa más aprender otras cosas.

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