Tuesday, October 1, 2013

i am...

feeling a little calmer about finances (at the moment, but probably not long term)

listening to the birds chirp outside

snuggled in my pjs -- flannel and a sweatshirt! Oh, my, fall has arrived!

getting SO close to cleaning off the bookcase in the living room

also close to pulling the boxes of my pre-pregnancy clothes down to find some warmer clothes that fit me now that the baby is born

excited to take Peanut to supper with my hallway team from last year

still avoiding thinking about going back to school -- even though more than half of my maternity leave is already over (boooooo)

thankful that sweet hubby is trying hard to work with a menu for the week and a small, small grocery budget

hearing dinosaur noises coming from the baby's room -- she must be stirring from her nap

blessed beyond measure to have my parents close by to keep the baby when sweet hubby and i want to take a trip to target (returns, then groceries...we returned more than we bought yesterday, which felt like a win!)

planning to return to yoga class for the first time post-birth tomorrow -- and hoping that my body doesn't simply fall apart from it after such a long break (and the birth of a baby!)

going to get that Peanut now!

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