Sunday, September 15, 2013

i am...

waiting for the baby to wake up

skipping church (at the university...we went to big church this morning, with the peanut, and she slept through most of it, until my mama passed her to my sister...and she got very fussy, since i couldn't feed her in church and it was close to the end and I was sitting on the very inside of the pew, during the sermon, and then she had to wait until we were seated at the restaurant to have a go at her bottle...which she doesn't like...and the whole afternoon has been a little more difficult than normal...)

hoping that i can do a better job anticipating Peanut's eating schedule since we stayed home from church and the distractions that being out and about bring with it

wearing my third outfit of the day -- church, pjs, and more pjs...being a mom is messy

so glad that my family like to spend time with the Peanut

observing a subtle shift from us always stopping by my parents' house to them often stopping by ours

wondering how long we get to keep the pretty pink bow on the front door

wishing i had a magic wand to clean the house and do the million and four loads of laundry each day

thinking about whether i should try to eat supper before i wake up the Peanut to feed her (probably a smart idea)

going to go find something to eat

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